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    Zoning Lot Development Agreement

    The transfer of air rights combines two properties forever. Depending on the conditions of the ZLDA, this may mean that no building can expand its building without the consent of the other. The Ministry of Buildings also requires that in the event of a change of land, a Type 1 change application be filed without work against all buildings in a zoning plot, but it is not always enforced. The above is achieved through a Zoning Lot Development Agreement (ZLDA), which is specifically recognized by Section 12-10(d) of the New York City Zoning Resolution (essentially the city`s zoning ordinance applicable to the city, although it is terribly difficult to navigate). Overall, a properly executed ZLDA allows owners of two or more properties in the same tax block and with at least 10 linear feet of contiguity to aggregate the development rights assigned to each and then redistribute them among the properties as they may agree. For example, if a property with a floor area that is less than the fully permitted floor area is fully developed, the excess may be transferred to a contiguous property, which can then be built with more floor space than would otherwise be permitted under the zoning decision. The “merger” of the properties for zoning purposes is then binding on all legal successors and assignees. The 1977 reforms solved many of the problems associated with the 1961-style MLAs: the reforms created the Zoning Lot Declaration Agreement (ZLDA, pronounced “Zelda”) and introduced a record requirement that applied retroactively; The reforms also eliminated the lease obligation, leaving the terms of the development rights transaction to interested parties. The author has recently been involved in a situation that has highlighted the above problems. A national convenience store had to modernize and expand a store it had long owned at a valuable signaled intersection. Coincidentally, the owner of the immediately adjacent property was about to close his business, which was also long-term. It was therefore an ideal target for the acquisition of the retailer, followed by a consolidation for the redevelopment of the combined set.

    The problem was that the owner had no interest in selling because of the high capital gains tax that would result. However, he was willing to get involved through a long-term ground rental agreement, as this would avoid the tax bite. Zoning lot mergers are becoming more common, and as the great development spreads into the districts, we should see more. It is not easy. These development fees, if registered with the City Registry Office, can be found on the website of the Ministry of Finance ACRIS. ACRIS stands for Automated City Register Information System. The records for each property are in a database that can be searched by block and batch. You must search for each property record and search for records that contain zoning property instructions. Records can be listed under Declarations or different titles. They are almost always submitted by a securities research company, but this is not guaranteed. You can also search for government agencies in the lists.

    ZLMADE also typically have several provisions dedicated to a homeowner`s ability to rebuild damaged improvements after an accident, in part because New York City can lower areas. If there is a dezoning and an owner without remaining development rights experiences a catastrophic event such as a building collapse, he would not be able to rebuild a real replacement building – he would have to build smaller! With the exception of transfers of listed buildings in the Special District of Midtown, air rights transfers are limited to the maximum FAR for the zoning property created. Since many buildings are already oversconducted, there is usually limited floor space available. .

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