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    Temporary Care Agreement Ontario

    You can agree to renew or modify the agreement for up to 6 months each time. A fixed-term care contract can last up to 6 months. If your child is 16 or 17 years old, just decide if they want CAS to take care of them. If they don`t agree, CAS can`t take them from home. However, the CAS may apply to the court for an order that it be entrusted to the authority of the CAS without their consent. While children`s aid organizations do not provide ongoing financial support in kinship situations, the extended family or community member may be eligible for temporary assistance through Ontario Works, which may include prescription drugs, dental and vision care, school supplies and winter clothing, and episodic assistance from the Child Protection Agency. “Openness to adoption” refers to the possibility of adopting crown Wards who have maintained relationships with their family of origin. Openness to adoption was introduced in 2011, when Bill 179, Building Families and Supporting Youth to be Successful Act, introduced amendments to Ontario`s Children`s Act, the Youth and Family Services Act, that removed legal barriers to the sustainability of young people in care in Ontario who have relationships with their families of origin. Since the CAS can ask the court to put your child on extended social assistance after spending the maximum amount of time in temporary care, it is very important to seek legal advice before signing a temporary custody contract. In regular custody, the FNMI Band Council resolution states that a child must be cared for, according to First Nation customs, either within the child`s extended family system in the child`s home community or off reserve. Child welfare services will also help young people who are moving to independence to build lifelong relationships, including, where possible, an individual relationship with at least one mentor. The enduring relationship provides a home for the holidays, a place to call in an emergency, and a sense of belonging. The importance of lifelong connections with adults who can provide long-term emotional support is critical.

    For many young people in care, leaving care is the time when they fight the most and therefore need consistency, stability, love and leadership the most. READ: Friends and Family First: How Child Welfare Prevents Children from Caring for Children But there is a maximum length of time a child can be in the temporary custody of the CAS through an agreement or court order. It is: A fixed-term care contract is a contract between you and CAS, in which you agree that for a set period of time: Each FNMI community defines and practices usual care in a unique way and in accordance with its traditional values, principles and customs. . . .

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