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    Suspension Agreement Commerce

    William M. Sheriff, Executive Chairman of enCore Energy, said: “This announcement and the assumption that the agreement will be concluded under current conditions aligns perfectly with our recent transformative acquisition of Westwater Resources` uranium facilities and our strategy to become the last national uranium producer. This support measure is expected to help support the market price of uranium over the next 18 months, before having a significant impact from 2022-23, as domestic fuel buyers typically reduce their needs well in advance. This calm before the impending price hike will give us the time to build enCore and position it so that it can take full advantage of the next uranium cycle. [44] The trade, a signatory or any other interested person may send the Minister of Agriculture a written notification regarding any alleged violation of the PACA PA, in accordance with Section 6.b) of PACA (7 U.S.C. 499f(b)). Upon receipt of a written notification, the PACA Division reviews the allegation and determines whether further investigations, the issuance of a warning letter or an administrative complaint are warranted. The inability of a PACA licensee to cooperate with an ongoing investigation may result in the suspension and publication of the license. When an administrative appeal is lodged, the finding by an administrative judge that a PACA licence holder or a licensed body has repeatedly and flagrantly infringed PACA may lead to the assessment of a civil penalty, the suspension or revocation of the PACA licence and/or its publication. The resulting licensing and employment restrictions are imposed by the PACA Division. Notification of disciplinary measures taken against a licensee or a licensed body shall be made public.

    (ii) special regime for the determination of the regional industry. On 27 November 2007, trade and certain Mexican tomato producers/exporters initialled a proposed new agreement suspending the AD investigation on imports of fresh tomatoes from Mexico. . . .

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