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    South Tyneside Council Tenancy Agreement

    The goal was to use the link to avoid homelessness in South Tyneside. Given the increase in rents and the lack of social housing, the demand for financial support from families for a rental deposit is very high. Potential low- and middle-income tenants have difficulties. To achieve this goal of reducing homelessness, the Council created it on the basis of the best practices of other charities and local authorities. The Good Tenant program is available to potential south Tyneside tenants. Not only will local authorities provide up to $500 to cover a security deposit, but the Council will also provide the family with access to other housing assistance, including social benefits and homelessness prevention. Phone 0345 2000 102. E-Mail: tyneandwearhomes@northtyneside.gov.uk The evaluation process can take up to 2 weeks. Some common reasons for applying to be rejected in South Tyneside are a tenant is in rent arrears, they cheated on their record, the family terminated a previous illegal lease, or they have anti-social behavior. There may be other factors. After someone has asked for help, the South Tyneside Councils Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and Northumbria Police will launch a baseline review.

    This will determine the applicant`s income, whether he or she has a history of forced evictions, proof of identity or arrears with the municipality or other tax in the past five years. If all goes, the person receives a passport. To move to another consulting house, you must meet the obligations of your lease, including the fact that your rental account is clear and that you have reported ongoing repairs. However, if damage exceeds reasonable wear or if the person has been late for hire, the landlord can file a claim against the South Tyneside Council Bond. If this is the case, the tenant will have to pay this extra money to repair the apartment. These accommodations are reserved for people aged 60 and over. If you apply as a couple and only one of you is over 60 years of age, the rental agreement is granted as a sole holder to the applicant over 60 years of age or whose circumstances led to the assignment of the house. Before the $500 loan is provided to pay the down payment, there are many actions that must have taken place. They range from reference examinations to the landlord and tenant who accept the terms of the plan. There will be written agreements that will also have to be respected.

    At the end of the lease, all parties will inspect the house. The owner, the council team and the tenant will all join the accommodation. You`ll see if the lease has been breached. If there is no damage or rent arrears, then the tenant is free to continue. If you have previously held a lease agreement, you are asked to provide a reference from your current owner (s). The South Tyneside deposit system will last only 12 months, or the duration of the lease, depending on the shortest period. During this period, the tenant must take care of the deposit himself. This means that they must save their money or, in one way or another, provide them with the necessary funds.


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