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    Shred It Customer Service Agreement

    13.7 The parties agree that it is not possible to obtain signatures for all services provided and the customer therefore agrees that the computerized records of the services provided by SS are sufficient proof that these services have been provided. THE OFFICIAL RULES DO NOT REQUIRE A PURCHASE. A PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. COMPETITION: Applications will be received by shredit.com/goodriddanceday and the official Shred-it Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once your entry is received, you will be automatically registered for a chance to win. “The original contract states that there may be increases related to increased fuel costs or increased fees that Stericycle could produce for disposal and that they could pass on to the customer,” said Dr. Romzick. For more than 30 years since our inception, we have developed proprietary technologies, proprietary protocols and practices, as well as innovative products and services designed exclusively to protect businesses of all sizes from persistent threats and risks of privacy violations in the workplace. 4.4 The above provisions also apply, where applicable, to all confidential or protected information (including information transmitted orally) concerning the activities of the customer, customers, suppliers that has been disclosed by SS in the context of the contract or received by SS, unless this clause 4 does not apply to the information (with the exception of personal data), provided that this information has come to an end: (a) that the secret police have not been neglected by SS; (b) was already in the possession of SS prior to disclosure by the customer; (c) has been obtained by a third party who has not purchased it confidentially; or (d) in any manner other than by default. .

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