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    Material Definitive Agreement Sec

    Section 18 of the Exchange Act is responsible for material information or omissions contained in reports and other information submitted to the SEC. On the other hand, reports and other information “made available” to the SEC (to the extent expressly permitted by applicable SEC rules) are not liable under Section 18. Note, however, that other liability rules may apply under the Exchange Act, which do not depend on filing sec documents, but may otherwise be triggered by the company`s disclosure to the public. See z.B. Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 The finding, whether the performance of a final business contract is at the origin of point 1.01 is a subjective finding based on general standards of significance, as defined in SEC rules, court decisions and administrative guidelines (e.g. B the Levinson test, which defines information as essential if “there is a high probability that a reasonable investor will consider it important, in making an investment decision”. For example, by a significant change in the range of information). There is a relative lack of authority on the part of the SEC as to whether an acquisition agreement (or an agreement in general) is to be regarded as an essential definitive agreement within the meaning of paragraph 1.01. However, there are certain guides and considerations that a acquiring declarant should take into account when deciding whether an acquisition contract constitutes an essential definitive agreement within the meaning of point 1.01. If point 1.01 is triggered, the declarant must submit, within four working days of the performance of the contract, a Form 8-K indicating certain information relating to the acquisition contract (including the essential conditions of the contract).

    In addition, the declarant must submit the agreement, either as an annex to Form 8-K or as an annex to the periodic report on the period during which the contract is concluded. Item 1.01 of Form 8-K requires disclosure if a registrant enters into a “substantial definitive agreement” outside of normal operations. Thus, the 8-K form can also be used to meet this requirement. An 8K is a report on significant unsused events or business changes that could be of importance to shareholders or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The report, also known as Form 8K, informs the public of events, including acquisitions, bankruptcies, director resignations, or changes during the fiscal year. . . .

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