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    How To Suppress The Adobe End User License Agreement (Eula) Prompt

    Acrobat (per user): Accept the EULA for the browser plugin via EULAAcceptedForBrowser. When creating a custom installer for Reader, always start with the latest version you may need to get from the Adobe Reader download page. For an installer that you can extract that does not contain Google Chrome or the toolbar, download the EXE installer from the Adobe FTP site: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/10.x/10.1.0 This section describes some basic settings that help optimize deployments by reducing end-user interaction when the product starts. The Advanced Configuration section contains additional configuration examples. Adobe Reader X`s Protected Mode helps reduce potential security threats when opening or viewing PDF files, so it`s a feature you should make sure it stays enabled on client computers. By default, however, users can disable this feature – this option is in the “Default Settings” dialog box under the heading “General: All products, illustrated operating systems, all work processes that require or use the utility provided by APTEE adobe_prtk: Execution: Adobe Reader saves the status of the license agreement in the registration process for the next system or user. Administrators typically configure computers to prevent product updates by end users. It-level settings can be set before or after availability. Although Adobe Reader is free, you must accept and purchase a license to distribute it in your own environment. Acquiring a license is simple, you only have to answer a few questions, for example. B the number of copies you distribute to Reader, which platforms and some information about your business, including contact information. The same license can be used for the distribution of Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

    To apply for the license, go to adobe Runtimes / Reader Distribution License Agreement. The APTEE tool facilitates serialization, deletes the registration and accepts the EULA I wrote 2 scripts to save this user folder and push it the next time you log in. Right-click each of these entries and select Modify. Set the action to delete the value. This prevents Setup from adding these entries and starting unnecessary processes when registering the user. This step is very important for terminal server or remote terminal session environments to reduce the processes running in each user`s session. Per-user settings (limited functionality that doesn`t apply in some scenarios): Registry settings: By default, Windows loads system-level settings and also uses user-level settings for a given user session. Thus, user-level settings are always the effective setting for the end user. Adobe Reader is, however, a special case where it is checked whether the license key is configured to be accepted at the system or user level and is not displayed in one of the places. This is only requested if the EULA is not accepted at the system or user level. When users open Adobe Acrobat for the first time, the Adobe License Agreement is displayed.

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