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    Guarantee Of An Agreement

    In England, the legal requirements for a guarantee are first imposed by the Fraud Act, which states in section 4 that “no action may be brought to charge the defendant on a particular promise to plead guilt, delay or miscarriage of another person, unless the agreement of the party of which such an action is brought, or a memorandum or note thereof must be in writing and signed by the party responsible for doing so or by any other person it has legally authorized to do so.┬áThis means that the guarantee is not invalid, but that it is not applicable only by a person chosen as a person. The requirement for a written signature was clarified in Elpis Maritimes Co against Marti Chartering Co Inc [Maria D”) [1992] 1 AC 21 and J Pereia Fernandes SA against Mehta [2006] EWHC 813 (Ch)) In the latter case, it was found that a contract is applicable either by written agreement of the guarantor or his representative, is applicable; if the warranty was oral, a separate note or agreement could render the warranty enforceable in the same manner. In the first case, the court found it sufficient that it was written or printed by the guarantor, an initial in an email was sufficient, but a standard header name in an email was not. The Tribunal found that the minor measure was sufficient for the status to be taken into hand, given that for a long time a single fingerprint or “X” was sufficient. The guarantor is a party who undertakes to settle the debts of a debtor in the event of default. The surety may, depending on the nature of the contract, deposit a physical asset (such as land, construction vehicle, etc.) as collateral, sold and used to repay the debt if the guarantor cannot pay all the debts it guarantees. A person who is the guarantor of another person under a guarantee has rights in respect of the person to whom the guarantee has been granted. . . .

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