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    Georgia Power Purchase Agreement

    * Disclaimer: Georgia Power only purchases zero energy power from certain renewable generation facilities that have entered into a contract to sell such power to Georgia Power. The ownership of the corresponding CIs is defined in the electricity reception contract. The party that owns the RECs reserves the right to use them. The company, a subsidiary of German energy group RWE, claims to have 3.3 GW of installed capacity in the United States and a pipeline of more than 10 GW. “We are pleased to enter into this agreement with a company like Georgia Power, which has demonstrated its commitment to providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to its customers,” said Silvia Ortin, COO Onshore Wind and Solar PV Americas, RWE Renewables. The PSAB program is accepting applications on a First Come First Served basis until the 25 MW AC portfolio is completed or until January 2022, whichever happens first. Customers can choose contract terms between 10 and 30 years and projects can be sized from 1 kW to 3 MW (AC). The average price is between 4.3 and 6.7 cents/kWh. For more details on Georgia Power`s new Customer Connected Solar Program, see www.GeorgiaPower.com/CustomerConnectedSolar. Georgia Power recently announced that it has awarded Power Purchase Agreements (EAAs) for three new solar projects with a total capacity of 510 megawatts (MW) that will be built in central, southern and southwestern Georgia as part of the company`s renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI). Third-party solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) are allowed in Georgia. Third-party system operators are exempted from regulation as electricity service providers if the system does not produce more than 125% of the customer`s maximum annual needs.

    Tags: rwe, rwe renewables, georgia, usa, us, power purchase agreement, solar-plus-storage, utility-scale, utility procurement, georgia power company The agreement provides that electricity will be delivered from the end of 2021 from RWE Renewables` Broken Spoke solar installation. After construction, the facility will cover an area of 1575 acres in Mitchell County in southwestern Georgia and will include more than 650,000 solar panels. Under the terms of the agreement, the RwE Broken Spoke Solar project, a 195.5 megawatt (MWac) facility coupled with a 40 MW 2-hour battery, will begin powering in late 2021. . .

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