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    Executive Performance Agreement

    Contact the Public Service Commission at 3003 2800 or email performance@psc.qld.gov.au Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are required to develop performance agreements and be evaluated every 6 months on their performance, like all public servants. Individual CEO contracts define requirements for performance agreements and evaluation using the CEO`s performance framework. These documents are agreed with their minister and approved by the Director General (D-G) of the Prime Minister`s Department and Cabinet (DPC) or the Prime Minister. CEOs do a self-assessment, and in July of each year they get feedback and feedback from their minister. The process has a development component that allows CEOs to get feedback to evaluate their performance in terms of strengths and areas of development. Discussions are also underway with CEOs on strategic priorities for the future. This is reflected in their next performance agreement. CEO performance reviews aim to improve high performance based on a 3-point scale – limited, solid and high – and are cacaped to their leaders to ensure optimal orientation within agencies and consistency across the industry. Each manager conducts a semi-annual review with their supervisor in January/February to assess past performance and tailor specific objectives for the future. The GAO report highlighted that performance agreements can support communication on the organization`s progress towards the Agency`s objectives if these agreements are effectively implemented, given to managers in a timely manner and provide managers with useful performance information. Just as performance agreements provide a roadmap for executives to achieve organizational goals, performance appraisal plans offer the same type of instruction for superiors and employees.

    Superiors can have a significant influence on how their employees see the direct impact of their efforts on the company`s goal. By co-communicating staff performance evaluation plans with executive performance agreements and communicating the goals of the agreement directly with employees, line managers can show employees the impact of their performance on the company`s goals. The CEO`s performance framework consists of 5 objectives: the General Accounting Office (GAO) report, published in October 2000, showed that results-oriented performance agreements between agency heads and political and professional leaders have improved organizational results. Der Bericht “Emerging Benefits from Selected Agencies` Use of Performance Agreements” konzentrierte sich auf die Umsetzung von Leistungsvereinbarungen in drei Agenturen – veterans Health Administration, dem Department of Transportation und dem Office of Student Financial Assistance innerhalb des Department of Education. . . .

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