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    Channel 4 Equity Agreement

    With respect to the Model Pact Agreements, we have compiled a summary of the Director`s provisions relating to force majeure and suspension/termination provisions; producer/PD; crew (scripted); and the (unscripted) crew models found here. The EDS team carries out all the work related to the identification of the appropriate actors, the obtaining of relevant data on the programming and occupancy of broadcasters and the calculation of the actors on a pro rata basis. Equity guarantees collective licensing funds as additional revenue for performers. Revenues complement standard review fees and program sales that channels continue to pay in accordance with equity agreements (for more information on the difference between standard license fees and collective license payments, see our FAQs). Developments: The process of mandating developments is largely similar to that of programs. You must agree on the development objective and delivery requirements with the Commissioning Editor. You should speak to the Production Finance and/or Legal and Business Affairs Manager to discuss labour costs and contractual terms. Channel 4 requires the security of ownership of development work rights and decides, within 9 months of full delivery of the development work, whether or not to commission production. Only then does Channel 4 provide money for developments for accounting for accounting. Pact President Sara Geater said: “This is a deal that is mutually beneficial for Channel 4 and independents in a rapidly changing market.

    Channel 4 has the freedom to present programmes across its portfolio of channels and control during the term of the licence in the UK, with freelancers benefiting from more strategic planning of their programmes. This agreement shows that the terms of trade remain timely and adaptable and are essential to the sustainable success of the indie production sector, both in the UK and globally. Equity negotiates collective licensing revenues for Par Equity`s contract performers under our industrial agreements with national broadcasters to cover additional uses of their television activities in addition to those provided for in industrial agreements. Broadcasters pay a flat-rate annual fee to Equity to pay artists under contract for broadcasts made using video-on-demand services, cable relays outside the UK and/or the use of archival catalogues. Equity is responsible for identifying individual programmes and actors for payments, and we have developed a fair system for sharing royalties among qualified actors. Under the existing exchange agreement between Channel 4 and Pact, Channel 4 benefits from a series of mandatory rights for its commissioning licence fee, with limited linear speeds on specified channels and a seven-day catch-up time for its VoD services. Flexibility as to when, where or how programs are made available, including other repetitions, use on other channels in its portfolio, and use on voD services during the license term require additional payments or individual rights negotiations with producers. . .


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