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    Capstone Agreement

    The final agreement process has been approved by the academic direction of the college and the TAMU Research Administration (TAMRA). Minor modifications may be allowed to meet the specific needs of a department and should be approved prior to the implementation of TAMRA. Third parties have the opportunity to make gifts to departments. Gift funding may be used by the department to provide capstone opportunities, but the giver may not impose any funding restrictions and must not be benefits, confidentiality restrictions or intellectual property conditions related to the gift. (This proposal is to be used for all unfunded Capstone projects.) The currently approved Capstone Letter deal should be the first option for potential sponsors, as it does not require negotiations and can be executed immediately. Are you interested in submitting a project proposal for the 2021/2022 school year? Contact us at capstones [at] ece [dot] ubc [dot] ca Proposals are not required for Capstone projects. No faculty or research personnel expenses are allowed on a capstone agreement, otherwise it will become a sponsored project that requires a full proposal, with a budget for estimated costs, including the full application of R&A. If the proponent of a funded capstone project requires a more formal agreement with the award of the student PI, the currently approved Capstone agreement template should be used at the same time as the currently approved Capstone Student IP agreement template. The student may, at his or her option, sign the Capstone Student IP Agreement template.

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