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    Auction Services Agreement

    1.13.7. Attract and train staff in setting up, organising and organising the auction, including registration, guest support, offer and checkout/payment. 2.4 Travel Expenses. In addition to all costs, the handbid customer reimburses the costs of travel, accommodation, communication, shipping and expenses incurred by handbid in connection with the provision of the services indicated in the order form (“expenses”). Handbid will provide appropriate documentation for all expenses requested by the client and the client will approve the expenses in advance. With the customer`s agreement (which must be made available within a reasonable time), Handbid invoices the customer for the travel expenses incurred. 1.15. Optional handbid services. Handbid`s services may include: 1.15.1. If the customer has purchased (as indicated on the corresponding order form), the package contains the Handbid Live pack, which allows the customer to run For Sale items via Handbid and process them on the same invoice as donations, live auction items and silent auction items (items for sale do not contain tickets). Items for sale are not charged against the auction item limit. 6.4.2 Customer Content (including but not limited to account information) is immediately deleted, provided that Handbid may retain such content in Handbid`s archived backup files at its discretion. The customer understands that if the customer decides to deposit their account again under a new agreement (or asks Handbid to send their account information to the customer), the recovery of this information requires a data recovery/recovery fee at Handbid`s current rates.

    4.3 The customer`s guarantees and assurances vis-à-vis Handbid. . . .

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